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About - Cucina DiPane


What Exactly is Cucina DiPane?

“Cucina” in Italian, means “kitchen”, and “di pane” means “bread”. Are we calling ourselves “The Bread Kitchen?”  Not quite. We are the DiPane family! Iʻm Steph, working mom, wife, and The FOA. (The Finder of All. Things in the house…haha) Jimmy is dad and the MWCWF (Man Who Cooks With Fire). DD is grandpa, the Sultan of Sauce. And the originator of all wonderful family Italian recipes is MeMa (great-grandma) DiPane! I am not of Italian descent (Iʻm a mix of Filipino and Chinese), but I thought Cucina DiPane sounded very cool, so all the Italian speaking folks, please forgive me for my lack of knowledge. In my mind, Cucina DiPane is DiPaneʻs Kitchen. The familyʻs kitchens to be exact. Cucina DiPane was born out of many family get-togethers filled with food and conversations. I thought to myself, “WHO is documenting these AMAZING recipes that they create? Maybe I should do it…sounds like fun…I need to work on my web skills…Iʻm a nerd…IʻLL START A FOOD BLOG!”

So here we are. Iʻm not promising professional food photography, plating techniques, fancy foodie recipes with ridiculous ingredients and whatnot. I fail at being pretentious. We like to eat and we like to cook. Thatʻs pretty much it. Occasionally weʻll post reviews about gadgets, restaurants, commercial food items and such, for the sake of conversation. My dream is to someday do stand up comedy. Maybe Iʻll try my material out on you guys!

We live by several principles in the kitchen:

  • Cost: Iʻm a tightwad. So if I can find a way to make a lot of something for less, I will do it. We love Costco and Amazon Prime. We freeze stuff. We repurpose leftovers. Yadda yadda. J thanks the heavens that I am such a tightwad. Most of the time.
  • Ingredient Availability: I hate going to the grocery several times a week.  Donʻt you? Fresh and local is always better, but weʻre gonna have to find a way to store stuff in bulk. Or preserve stuff. Which is an up and coming project!
  • Ease of Production: Is it easy to make? Easy to clean up? I am a very, very lazy girl at heart. I work 40+ hours a week. There are just days that I donʻt feel like spending HOURS in the kitchen.
  • Nutrition: It needs to be healthy, most of the time. The MWCWF has a job which requires him to be physically fit. Iʻm just trying to slow down the effects of years and gravity. J and I are also runners, so weʻll be posting a lot of recipes that work well with athletesʻ diets.

Many of the recipes we post are adaptations. I will always post the original source to give credit. We ask that you do the same. Comments and suggestions are always welcome! We are food nerds, we love gadgets, gizmos and new ways to do things.

To the designers who steal images from blogs to use in their publications: I use Instagram. Youʻre an idiot  if you try to use any of the pictures on my site because my HTC Evo 3D does not have a great camera. If I was your CMO/Creative Director, and you brought me a draft with web images from Instagram, I would make your start the project over and then I would fire you. If youʻre working for a firm that doesnʻt use professional quality photography or stock photos, get out NOW. <– That was my little rant about the creative industry, Iʻll get off my soap box now.

Oh, yes. One last thing. If you donʻt like my somewhat snarky style of writing, and if you donʻt like Instagram photos, really and truly, it breaks my heart. JUST KIDDING. No, it doesnʻt. Rant all you want! However! Any derogatory comments that are hateful towards sexual orientation, gender, race, religion, and political preference will not be accepted. I moderate comments, one of the perks of having my own blog. Other than that, enjoy your visit to our kitchen and we hope you keep coming back!



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